[Athen] Subject: Google Glass Captioning

Mirabai Knight askeladden at gmail.com
Mon May 19 12:40:56 PDT 2014

Hi! I recently gave a talk on this subject at the National Court
Reporter Association's TechCon (slides here:
I've got a pair of Glass myself and I've used it to stream captions on
an experimental basis, though I admit I haven't yet started using it
on the job. The trouble is that it's not yet possible to stream
captions via Bluetooth; you have to use a WiFi connection and a
service such as StreamText or 1CapApp. If you'd like, I can go into
more technical details about everything you have to do, but the main
issue is that you need a stable WiFi connection for both the captioner
and the Glass wearer. Now, if you have a captioner walking around the
city with their machine on a shoulder-mounted harness (as seen here:
http://stenoknight.com/demo.html#cartambulatory), and they can either
access metropolitan WiFi or can carry a portable 4G modem/hotspot for
both their computer and the Glass wearer, you can definitely make it
happen. All you need is a reliable cell signal that hopefully won't
disconnect and reconnect as they wander around the city.
(Unfortunately Streamtext gets very tetchy about dropped connections,
and it takes a long time to reconnect once the connection has been
dropped). So it might be tricky to do seamlessly, but it's certainly
not impossible! Feel free to contact me for more details if you're

Mirabai Knight

Mirabai Knight, CCP, RDR
StenoKnight CART Services
917 576 4989
mkk at stenoknight.com

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