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Jon and Shawn,

For what it’s worth, Amara’s support site acknowledges the full-screen limitation you mention and suggests that users instead use the browser’s zoom function to enlarge the page containing the video during playback. While this approach is unquestionably kludgy and no substitute for proper player enlargement while retaining captions, some users maystill find it helpful to leverage this option until a more appropriate solution is implemented. See Can I play a video with subtitles in full-screen mode?<http://support.amara.org/support/articles/129431-can-i-play-a-video-with-subtitles-in-full-screen> for more details.

Amara also offers an Accessibility Roadmap<http://about.amara.org/accessibility/> on their website that may be of interest.


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Hi Jon:

We've found that Amara<http://www.amara.org> has been really helpful as a tool. Since you're not modifying the original content, permission is less of an issue. Since it's web-based, too, there's no software costs. We have student workers doing the captioning, we review it... works pretty slick.

The only downside is that it can't be shown full-screen with the captions.

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Faculty have asked me to caption some Youtube videos that they do not own, and we haven’t gotten anywhere trying to contact the owners. Has anyone had luck with overstream.com<http://overstream.com> or the like, getting captions for videos that can’t be downloaded?

Thanks so much,

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