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Lorraine et al in ATHEN-land,

We use AIMS database at SOU to manage notetakers AND the LiveScribe pen
checkout inventory. AIMS can generate a letter to faculty about the
accommodation need, can generate a letter to the student needing the
accommodation and a letter to the student providing the accommodation. While
we predominantly use LiveScribe pen technology, we do manage the live peer
notetakers through the AIMS system.

You can talk to us at SOU about how we use it or I can hook you up directly
with the folks that develop AIMS and have them walk you through what their
database can do and how it can support you & your office in this challenging


Wink Harner
Assistive Technology Specialist
Southern Oregon University

harnerw at sou.edu

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We are trying to set up a database for students who use our note taking
services. We use peer note takers where students find someone in the class
that takes notes for them. We pay the note taker stipend to take the notes.
This involves a lot of paper work and verification of notes being taken as
well as hiring students who are international and need I-9's. We are trying
to make as much of this system automated as possible. Please can you let
us know what data base you use or any other systems that could be helpful
please can you share it with us.


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