[Athen] Assistive Technology Use and Citrix's XenApp or Microsoft's App-V Virtual Environment

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Cassandra et al in ATHEN land,

Have your IT folks get in touch with the tech support at Nuance regarding
the best method for installs of the enterprise version of Dragon. When we
did it at my previous college, the program deployed nicely and folks could
log in all across campus using a roaming profile. The voice profiles were
stored on the server (requires a significant amount of server space
allocated) and we regularly wiped the student voice files at the end of each
term, asking the students to back up their voice files each term on their
own USB for portability and reinstall for the following term. The program
performed admirably within the campus environment.

Since Dragon's preference is to save voice profiles and run volume/mic level
checks on individual (local) computers, I don't know how well this works
outside of the college's firewall (which may be part of your JAWS
difficulties, BTW). I use DNS and while I can remotely access various
computers I use which all have DNS installed (local installs in each case),
I can do SOME things remotely with Dragon but the things I rely on it being
able to do, i.e., open & close files, search, enter URLS & do websearches,
CORRECT, SPELL, REPLACE & TRAIN do not function remotely and often I am
limited to a dictation window which requires I copy & paste into whatever
I'm working on vs. being able to dictate directly.

I will now get out my soapbox for some "preaching to the choir" -I would
LOVE to see Nuance come up with a viable PORTABLE version of Dragon
Naturally Speaking and pair it with a high quality noise cancelling mic with
a built in sound chip. There! The gauntlet has been thrown down.

Do please contact me off list if you have difficulty finding anyone in tech
support at Nuance. Also consider joining the user group for Dragon on
Linked-In. Peter Mahoney (Prez/CEO of Nuance) monitors it to improve
customer service.

Blessings, all.


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Greetings All,

Sorry for the cross post.

Has anyone been successful in using assistive technology (specifically JAWS,
MAGic, and Dragon NaturallySpeaking) in either Citrix's XenApp or
Microsoft's App-V virtual environment? Our IT folks are moving in the
direction of serving up programs virtually but we're having difficulty
getting JAWS and MAGic to work in this environment (we haven't even started
dealing with DNS). We do have a remote access license for JAWS and MAGic.
JAWS is installed both locally and remotely. JAWS works fine locally and we
can start the virtual programs. However, once the virtual environment is
loaded, JAWS ceases to work. In some cases JAWS will echo the keystrokes,
but in others, JAWS is silent. Keyboard access does work, but JAWS does

We have the latest versions of both JAWS and MAGic.

If anyone has been successful in implementing a virtual environment using
either Citrix's XenApp or Microsoft's App-V virtual environment with
assistive technology, I would appreciate it if you would share your

Thanks in advance for your help!

Cassandra Tex

Assistive Technology Specialist

Humboldt State University

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