[Athen] Student lab software tools for physiology

Laurie Vasquez vasquez at sbcc.edu
Wed Oct 1 13:33:10 PDT 2014

Are any of you familiar with or are your schools using the following

Met with psychology instructors who are proposing a hybrid class using
these products. Discussed pros and cons.

Laurie Vasquez

*biopac.com <http://biopac.com>*

The Biopac Student Lab® system is an integrated solution that allows
students to record data from their own bodies, animals, or tissue
preparations. Complete systems include hardware, software, and curriculum
for life science education.

Biopac Student Lab provides inquiry-based active learning systems for
4-year, 2-year and graduate programs, distance learning, medical schools,
nursing programs, and secondary education.
iWorx next generation data acquisition and analysis solutions deliver the
performance you need to let you focus on your physiology teaching or
research tasks . http://www.iworx.com/about/company/
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