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Hi Susan,

My first thought would be to create the organizational hierarchy in a more linear format, perhaps using headings and lists to group the different parts of the organization together. For example, heading 1 could be the top of the organization, with heading 2 being the next level down. Lists could then be used to include additional details under each heading.

I have seen some org charts done as a series of ordered lists, each indented as appropriate to represent a sub-list. However, this can get REALLY crazy depending on how deep the organization is structured.

If the individual is also familiar with tactile graphics, another option may be to create a tactile representation of the hierarchy with a separate document providing additional details of the tactile.

Just some quick thoughts.

Take care,

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> On Oct 21, 2014, at 7:58 AM, Susan Kelmer <Susan.Kelmer at Colorado.EDU> wrote:


> We are doing a symposium this week, and we have an org chart that needs to be shared with one of the participants, and she is a screen reader user.


> Help! I’ve never thought of this before or been asked to do one, so how would you go about creating an org chart for this person to use (or alt text description if that is the case)? I’m waiting for the original electronic version to get to me so I can see how it was created, but in the meantime, I wanted to get some ideas about how to create this in an accessible format for her.




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