[Athen] unable to enter WebEx meeting room using screen reader

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Hi Dean,

Is it possible to create a hyperlink by which the student can click on the link and get directed right into the WebEx meeting? It has been some time since I used WebEx, but I do remember receiving hyperlinks in which I could get immediately logged into a WebEx meeting. That said, if there are authentication restrictions, then you may not be able to go directly into the meeting.

In terms of access to the slides, I think Marcie has the best solution in which to send those straight to the student. Otherwise, you will have to rely on the presenter to provide all the information during the session and that does not always happen.

I did find the Cisco WebEx Meetings Server User Guide (ver 1.5) that contains some of the supported shortcut commands:

Not sure what version you may be dealing with, but perhaps that might help.

In terms of other platforms that are available - I have tried using Blue Jeans with VoiceOver and have to say that I am pleasantly surprised. Here is their accessibility site (http://bluejeans.com/features/accessibility). Unfortunately, there is not much information, but I found that as a participant, I was able to get to many of the controls and functions in the interface just using the tab and arrow keys. No crazy keyboard combinations required.

The only major issue I encountered was the use of modal windows (or dialog windows), in which I had to click on a button before continuing. While I could navigate to the buttons in the modal window, for some reason I was not able to activate the button. That said, all I was trying to do was leave the meeting, so closing the browser window accomplished the same task. I don't know if it has ALL the same features as WebEx, but it seemed to do basic video conferencing very well.

Take care,

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Can you have the presenter send over the slides so the student has access to those? Will Webex launch (so student can listen) but is just not allowing student to interface with program (i.e. Ask a question in chat or answer a poll question?)

I did some quick research, seems that no script files have been written for webex to make it compatible with JAWS (that I could find)

Just my two cents!

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I’m looking for a fix or a workaround.

A student using JAWS is unable to enter a WebEx meeting room. He is using JAWS 15 and tried both IE and Chrome. I replicated the problem using both JAWS 15 and NVDA with Firefox.

Our WebEx admin is submitting a ticket. I feel I have a better chance of getting a resolution from all of you. Thanks for any insights you can share!



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