[Athen] unable to enter WebEx meeting room using screen reader

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There used to be an option for auto-signin but Webex in general was pretty difficult for screen readers to use. Some things were flat out impossible.
Serotek has an accessible meeting room solution, but the feature set is somewhat limited. (www.accessibleevent.com)

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While I can't say I've tested it exhaustively, the service, Blue
Jeans, is amazingly accessible (in comparison to other services I've
tried that are similar to it).

See links below my name.

I have been able to do most of the tasks (if not all) as a host. I've
recorded myself, and I've successfully shared my screen with a
sighted person, using IE 11 and JFW15. When JFW was in play (via
screen sharing), the service lagged a bit, but it wasn't intolerable to me.

I've also tried the IOS app., and it seems okay, but again, I can't
say I've tested it exhaustively.

As far as I know, yearly licenses for the enterprise are currently
the only option.

But I think you can have a free trial.

If others try this and find it suits them, I'd encourage you to
specifically mention the value of the accessibility work to you, so
they'll know it's a market-worthy selling point.

It may not be perfect, but I'm pretty excited about its potential.


Accessibility Features on Blue Jeans Blue Jeans
[page doesn't say much, but at least it exists.

Press Release: Bl

ue Jeans Network Adds Key Features To Enhance Video Conferencing
Accessibility to Customers with Disabilities


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