[Athen] unable to enter WebEx meeting room using screen reader

Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 10:32:56 PDT 2014


While I can't say I've tested it exhaustively, the service, Blue
Jeans, is amazingly accessible (in comparison to other services I've
tried that are similar to it).

See links below my name.

I have been able to do most of the tasks (if not all) as a host. I've
recorded myself, and I've successfully shared my screen with a
sighted person, using IE 11 and JFW15. When JFW was in play (via
screen sharing), the service lagged a bit, but it wasn't intolerable to me.

I've also tried the IOS app., and it seems okay, but again, I can't
say I've tested it exhaustively.

As far as I know, yearly licenses for the enterprise are currently
the only option.

But I think you can have a free trial.

If others try this and find it suits them, I'd encourage you to
specifically mention the value of the accessibility work to you, so
they'll know it's a market-worthy selling point.

It may not be perfect, but I'm pretty excited about its potential.


Accessibility Features on Blue Jeans Blue Jeans
[page doesn't say much, but at least it exists.

Press Release: Bl

ue Jeans Network Adds Key Features To Enhance Video Conferencing
Accessibility to Customers with Disabilities


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