[Athen] TurnItIn and accessibility?

Greg Kraus greg_kraus at ncsu.edu
Fri Oct 31 12:07:06 PDT 2014

It's been about 18 months since I looked at it, but here is what I
remember. Perhaps it is still relevant.

1. Getting your overall score/grade back was fairly accessible.
2. Going in to the document to see what was actually marked as
potentially plagiarized will be impossible for some user groups, like
people with visual impairments. (There might have been keyboard access
problems too - I can't quite remember)
3. They also have some features where instructors can mark up
assignments with comments within the TurnItIn system. These will also
be very inaccessible to some user groups.

What I remember sounds very similar to what Penn State states online.
We are not currently using the product. Our campus is leery of
plagiarism software in general. Back when we were looking at it the
company did not seem receptive to any of my input. I hope this helps.

Greg Kraus
University IT Accessibility Coordinator
NC State University
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On Fri, Oct 31, 2014 at 2:53 PM, Adam Lipkin <alipkin at brandeis.edu> wrote:

> Hi, folks --


> We're looking at TurnItIn, and I'm a little stunned at their lack of

> information about accessibility. An initial search shows pages (like

> http://accessibility.psu.edu/turnitin and

> http://www.colorado.edu/oit/services/teaching-learning-tools/desire2learn-d2l/help/instructor-support/dropbox/turnitin-accessibility)

> that make me more than a little dubious about this product, but I can't

> imagine that a product aimed specifically at higher ed hasn't encountered

> this before. Anyone have any more info on how accessible TurnItIn is (and

> how they've handled requests from customers here)?


> Thanks,

> Adam


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