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Hi Wink,

I just recently held a class on creating accessible documents in Word for the English Rhetoric teachers. The way I got in was to attend our monthly "Coffee with the Provost" sessions. Almost all the people that attend are faculty members and mostly they discuss topics that are not relevant to me. However, I always stick my nose in and ask one accessibility question each time. The faculty listen up and are starting to approach me after the coffee. Last time, an English teacher came to me and asked for a class.

I think being in the room with faculty is the best way to get a leg in to their worlds. I've also asked the Provost if I can speak to the Council of Deans. She was all for it but has yet to arrange it. I'll do some subtle nudging as time goes by. I'm still new at this school but I hope, over time, they will start to turn to me with questions and ask to have presentations and such. It does seem to be working...slowly. I just got another question from a faculty member via email yesterday. We'll see if I can tiptoe my way into another staff meeting. :)

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Hi all,

We are working on crafting a "let's get invited to speak at faculty chairs meeting" letter.

Who among our esteemed listservs have asked to be invited to faculty meetings to talk about accommodations, accessibility, accessible texts, technology, trainings, etc.? How have you worded your requests to achieve success (= the invite to speak)? Any of you willing to share a few words of wisdom, guidance, effective letter crafting? What approach have you found works most effectively?

Thanks in advance for any words of advice, copies of actual letters/emails you may have sent to faculty chairs asking to be on their meeting agenda.


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