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Hi Wink,

I am both faculty member and an Admin on our campus so I was able to put together a grant application for state funding of a Faculty Learning Community on “Accessibility for Online Course Content” for this academic year on our campus. I was fortunate in that there was considerable interest and support across campus from faculty from all Divisions as well as folks from other departments (Special Service, IT, Library, etc.). We have made great progress this year and are having an “Accessibility Awareness Week” in late May with faculty training sessions on making their syllabi accessible, a state-wide webinar for the same training as well as posters and daily campus internet posts with online accessibility facts. Definitely finding a way to get motivated faculty on board is the way to go. Our faculty love to learn from each other so we are trying to work from there.

Good luck!

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Thanks NJ. We'll see what results from polling the lists today.

Wink Harner
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Great question Wink! We’re struggling with the same thing here.


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Subject: [Athen] Speaking to faculty chairs

Hi all,

We are working on crafting a “let’s get invited to speak at faculty chairs meeting” letter.

Who among our esteemed listservs have asked to be invited to faculty meetings to talk about accommodations, accessibility, accessible texts, technology, trainings, etc.? How have you worded your requests to achieve success (= the invite to speak)? Any of you willing to share a few words of wisdom, guidance, effective letter crafting? What approach have you found works most effectively?

Thanks in advance for any words of advice, copies of actual letters/emails you may have sent to faculty chairs asking to be on their meeting agenda.


Wink Harner
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