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Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
Mon Dec 21 07:12:48 PST 2015

So, a former student of ours, who still hangs out on campus because she is working for various departments on campus here and there, is part of the small group of people testing out the Brainport. This is a device that will purportedly help the blind actually see - colors, lights, shapes, actual objects. It might even be able to allow them to read things like street signs. You can read more about the Brainport at the following addresses:


She is maintaining a blog of her adventures with the device, and the testing that she completes using it. Amelia is a great writer, as well as just being an all around smarty-pants, and I think others should be enjoying her adventure like I am. The blog is here:


I encourage you to go back and read from the beginning. She doesn't post often, just once or twice a month, but her story is just fascinating and I'm hooked. You might be too!

Susan Kelmer
Alternate Format Access Coordinator
Disability Services
University of Colorado Boulder

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