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Ron ronrstewart at gmail.com
Wed Feb 4 15:21:09 PST 2015

It has gotten good reviews in the few applications were I have seen it in
use. This type of units, not necessarily this brand, have also been
showing up as self serve scanning in several of the libraries I evaluated
recently and the stations are accessibility nightmares.

Though given the price ~20k they are often only employed in large scaled
digitization projects. These types of scanners tend to be very labor
intensive as well so are best integrated as part of an production based

The normal approach in alt format programs is to use bookedge scanners such
as the Plustex units. They are cheap but very slow, > a minute for page.
Given the speed of this unit it will pay for itself fairly soon in a volume

For an institution the size of UW, it probably would be a good investment,
and much less expensive than similar units in this space.

Ron Stewart

On Wednesday, February 4, 2015, Dan Comden <danc at uw.edu
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> We're looking at options for scanning books without cutting the bindings.


> Considering the Bookeye 4 v3 and am curious if anyone has feedback on this

> model. Also, if there are other bound book scanners that are working well,

> I'm open to recommendations. Thanks.


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