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Rasul, Kamran KRasul at columbiabasin.edu
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Not sure if any topic related to livescribe pens and echo software had previously been posted, but here it goes :)

My colleague Vicki and I were stumped to learn after we exported livescribe audio and notes to a PDF format the text came out (lack of a better way of saying this) like drunken text or childlike writing, however the audio was intact. So, after some hours troubleshooting the pen, paper and "echo desktop" software, we reverted back to an earlier software titled "livescribe desktop". Then long and behold it worked and so now the written text looks just like the notebook's version.

So it seems, their shift away from flash based to non-flashed based pencasting was certainly the right idea but has been a failure. Unless someone can suggest a fix for the echo desktop software, for now we are going to stay with the livescribe desktop instead.

If anyone has any questions or to inquiry further, please feel free to email us.

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