[Athen] Budget cuts

John Elmer JElmer at vcccd.edu
Thu Jul 2 19:25:11 PDT 2015

As a Badger, bred and born, w/2 degrees from UW-Madison and additional grad work at the other UW (Washington), I have to say it is so disturbing to see what is happening to Wisconsin under Walker. Higher Ed and disability services seem to be getting eviscerated. Both WRONG. Luckily, the Feds will protect (based on complaints) disability rights. Get the complaints coming in and make a case that noncompliance has to do with Walker. Maybe someone could sue the dude? There must be a good law firm somewhere w/in Wisconsin that would take on this type of a fight pro bono if designed correctly.

Good luck.

Go Bernie Sanders, next POTUS. If not familiar, look him up on Wikipedia. He would support us, more than you can imagine.


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