[Athen] notetaking solution that will sync notes/audio usable by blind student who doesn't know braille

Lisa Brandt lisa.brandt1 at pcc.edu
Thu Jul 9 11:21:56 PDT 2015

We're looking at Sonocent Audio Notetaker too, so I'll be interested in
hearing about screen reader compatibility.

On Thu, 09 Jul 2015 11:02:08 -0700, Alexa Schriempf <ats169 at psu.edu> wrote:

> You state VoiceOver so I'm assuming you need a mac platform? That

> constrains things a bit....if perhaps a PC could be used, OneNote by

> Microsoft is >a possibility? I have not tested this for a blind user.

> I do suspect that the time lag between audio and the typing out of the

> notes is a big problem, which isn't addressed satisfactorily by any tool

> that syncs >typed text to audio on the fly, unless one can type REALLY

> fast. What do others think about this? It is the one reason that I have

> not taken up either the >Livescribe Pen or Audio Note in my own

> content-capture practices.

> There is AudioNotetaker by Sonocent. This is a dream. It requires you to

> change your entire workflow as a content-capturer, but that's the point.

> And, if >you are willing to put in time after class to clean up and

> organize your notes, you're absolutely assured of learning the material

> as well. However, I do >not know if it's screen reader friendly. Josh

> Hori can address that, and I copy him above to make sure he gets this

> question. (Sorry, Josh! LOL!)


> -lex



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