[Athen] ALEKS' abilities for TTS for LD Sighted student

Alexa Schriempf ats169 at psu.edu
Tue Jul 21 08:58:45 PDT 2015

Hello listers:

Do you have any suggestions on how a sighted, but LD student would get TTS
for math, in ALEKS 360?

Student is LD and requests TTS for math equations as well as texts.
Normally, I'd go to alternative format of Word+MathType and CAR, but in
this case, the content is web-based in ALEKS. I'm aware of WebWorks but
don't know how I'd get the professor to implement that instead of ALEKS.

I am thinking -- that if ALEKS 360 can be manipulated to work at some
levels with JAWS, then someone who wants the TTS aspect of JAWS but coupled
with visual support such as highlighting, maybe the tool to use is MAgic,
the other product made by Freedom Scientific. Your thoughts? Other TTS
tools out there for reading math? (I know Kurzweil 3000 won't read math,
and this is what the student is using already).


Alexa Schriempf, PhD
Access Tech Consultant
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