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Hi All ATHENites,

As Ron was kind enough to point out to me offline, I was mistaken on part of
my earlier post. I apologize to all concerned, and retract several cents off
my 50 cent contribution this morning.

The RoboBraille service available does a fine job in volume processing.

I should clarify for all what I was trying to convey --the difference
between what RoboBraille is able to do and what the original question posed:
usability of AFR open site license for OCR conversion or uploading PDFs to
SensusAccess for a quick OCR conversion. The original question had nothing
whatsoever to do with Braille and my response by including mentioning it
muddied the conversation.

There is a big difference in generic OCR conversion from a personal use
perspective and what a college's responsibility is in terms of providing
accurate text-to-speech for students with print disabilities.

My apologies to all for my adding any confusion to the topic at hand.

Thanks, Ron.

Wink Harner

Adaptive Technology Consulting & Training

Alternative Media & Text Conversions

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