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De Anza College is looking for three LD Specialists to become part of their
Educational Diagnostic Center team.


At the link above, search for Faculty; Learning Disability Specialist-a
brief summary of the position is below.

Under the direction of the Dean of Disability Support Programs and Services
(DSPS), provide assessment to determine eligibility for accommodations and
services under Title 5 Learning Disabilities Definition and is accountable
for caseload management and special course instruction focused on basic math
skills, writing skills, and learning strategies. Standard duties expected
of all faculty include development and evaluation of curricula, maintaining
scheduled office hours, attending department and division meetings, pursuing
professional growth activities, and performing other duties consistent with
the role of an instructor. Instructors also have the opportunity to serve on
District and college committees and participate in campus extra-curricular
activities. Essential duties:

1. Pre-screen students for learning issues/concerns associated with
learning disabilities and schedule for assessment if appropriate.

2. Administer learning disabilities eligibility assessment tools in
accordance with the State of California mandated Eligibility Model: These
tools include but are not limited to the WAIS-IV and/or the Woodcock-Johnson
III Batteries.

3. Evaluate disability and outside assessment documentation to
determine if assessment results/scores meet the Learning Disability (LD)
Eligibility and Services Model criterion.

4. Identify educational limitations and implement appropriate
accommodations designed to help students with learning disabilities to
achieve academic success.

5. Provide disability management counseling by promoting student
acceptance and understanding of their disability by encouraging and teaching
students to utilize their strengths to compensate for their learning

6. Prepare, monitor, and update Student Education Contracts (SEC) to
ensure students with learning disabilities are receiving appropriate
accommodations and services and are successfully progressing towards their
academic goals.

7. Act as liaison between campus faculty and staff regarding equity
issues affecting students with learning disabilities.

8. Provide training and counseling to campus wide faculty and staff
concerning laws and regulations regarding students with disabilities,
confidentiality issues, and strategies for assisting and referring students
with disabilities to appropriate campus services.

9. Assist EDC students to clarify their academic goals, select a major,
and prepare education plans.

10. Develop, monitor, and modify (as needed) Student Education Plans (SEP)
for EDC students pursuing certificate, Associate Degree, and/or transfer

11. Provide consultation and liaison support to campus faculty and staff
regarding student accommodations and DSPS programs and services as required
by the American with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
Act of 1973.

12. Maintain liaison with educational and community based organizations
through ongoing outreach efforts and events.

13. Assist EDC students to prepare and submit petitions and corrective
plans for all academic probation levels, course repetitions, and financial
aid extensions.

14. Teach basic skills courses (math, writing, study skills) designed for
students with learning disabilities and students who would benefit from
acquiring learning strategies to facilitate and improve their academic

15. Collaborate with the staff of the DSPS Computer Access Lab to identify
and utilize technological interventions designed to increase academic
proficiency, encourage independence, personal productivity, and empowerment.

- See more at:
=880#sthash.GiPlWooE.dpuf> &cws=1&rid=880#sthash.GiPlWooE.dpuf


1. Understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for the diverse
academic, socio-economic, ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds,
disability, and sexual orientation of community college students, faculty
and staff.

2. Master's degree, or equivalent foreign degree, in the category of
disability, special education, education, psychology, educational
psychology, or rehabilitation counseling; AND

3. Fifteen (15) semester units of upper division or graduate study in
the area of disability, to include, but not be limited to: learning
disabilities, developmental disabilities, deaf and hearing impaired,
physical disabilities, or adapted computer technology.

- See more at:
=880#sthash.GiPlWooE.dpuf> &cws=1&rid=880#sthash.GiPlWooE.dpuf

If the links above do not work, then please go to www.fhda.edu > Jobs >
Click here for current employment opportunities.

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