[Athen] Suggestions for accessibility review vendors?

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Tue Mar 3 11:25:47 PST 2015

Rachel and others:

Here's a document/database from WAI that's been
being rebuilt, so the data about tools should be
current. If folks have submissions, I encourage you to contribute:


In addition, here's a little set of posts I
pulled together about automated testing tools.
Note that they are by Karl Groves, who has just released Tenon out of beta.

Hope the links below my name prove helpful.


Choosing an Automated Accessibility Testing Tool 13 Questions you shou (...)

Some thoughts on automated web accessibility testing Karl Groves

The Problem with Automated Website Accessibility Testing Tools – Karl (...)

Web Accessibility Testing Do Automatic Testing First Karl Groves

Web Accessibility Testing Tools Who tests the DOM Karl Groves
[this one is a bit out of date, I believe.]

At 08:03 AM 3/3/2015, you wrote:

>Hi, all.


>I am looking for suggestions for vendors that offer web accessibility

>review tools and or services, as well as any suggestions for how to choose

>tools like these.


>We need a tool/service that will:


>* Allow site owners and content providers to run reports/audits on demand

>as often as they would like.

>* Work for password protected sites, dynamic content, and mobile content

>* Allow for distributed administration (example: Social Work needs to be

>able to access their report, but not Engineering¹s. I need to be able to

>access both).

>* Evaluate or at least identify the existence of PDFs, documents, media,

>and other non-web page content.


>Of course, any automated review results would be evaluated by a person; we

>just need a way to get a starting point. The list of vendors I have so far



>* SSB Bart

>* Deque

>* SiteImprove

>* HiSoftware (Cryptzone now?)


>What requirements and potential vendors am I omitting? Any feedback is





>Dr. Rachel S. Thompson

>Director, Emerging Technology and Accessibility

>Center for Instructional Technology

>University of Alabama






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