[Athen] Suggestions for accessibility review vendors?

Thompson, Rachel rsthompson2 at ua.edu
Tue Mar 3 08:03:34 PST 2015

Hi, all.

I am looking for suggestions for vendors that offer web accessibility
review tools and or services, as well as any suggestions for how to choose
tools like these.

We need a tool/service that will:

* Allow site owners and content providers to run reports/audits on demand
as often as they would like.
* Work for password protected sites, dynamic content, and mobile content
* Allow for distributed administration (example: Social Work needs to be
able to access their report, but not Engineering¹s. I need to be able to
access both).
* Evaluate or at least identify the existence of PDFs, documents, media,
and other non-web page content.

Of course, any automated review results would be evaluated by a person; we
just need a way to get a starting point. The list of vendors I have so far

* SSB Bart
* Deque
* SiteImprove
* HiSoftware (Cryptzone now?)

What requirements and potential vendors am I omitting? Any feedback is


Dr. Rachel S. Thompson
Director, Emerging Technology and Accessibility
Center for Instructional Technology
University of Alabama

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