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E.A.Draffan ea at emptech.info
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The nearest we have for general ICT software in schools in UK is the TEEM
approach <http://teemeducation.org.uk/> http://teemeducation.org.uk/ but
sadly they do not include accessibility - I have always wanted to have the
time to do something similar on EmpTech but more of a WHICH report
http://www.which.co.uk/ with the sort of offering TechMatrix
<http://techmatrix.org/> http://techmatrix.org/ have for the features.

Hope this makes sense! Just need a fund that keeps it going or a way of
making it pay! Disabled Living Foundation and AbleData offer the lists but
not the comments.

Best wishes


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Hi Ron,

You are correct that it is difficult to set up and maintain. In the EPUB
reading space, we have an excellent example of collaboration on the testing
of reading systems.


And we still need more people to test the wide range of reading systems with
the wide range of Assistive Technology out there.



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Good morning all,

Once again an extreme need has surfaced and that is a need for a database of
educational product accessibility evaluations that are readily available.
This does not need to be a totally open resource, due to liability issues a
subscription or closed membership system would be find.

I am not talking about VPATS, in most instances they have shown to be not
worth the time it took to write them. What I am looking for are real
evaluations, that also include what was used for the evaluation. We have
talked about this a lot but nothing ever seems to come of it. Any insights
would be greatly appreciated.

Ron Stewart

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