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Our provost had decided that the responsibility lies with the colleges and departments -- she provides overall funds, and the colleges decide the details of priorities and budget. Some departments choose to use a vendor, some choose to hire students to caption themselves. Central IT provides instructions for these self-service captioning effort. Central IT is also providing preliminary scans of large enrolment courses and identifying specific courses on the academic path of students who have reported needing accommodation, and alerts the faculty to seek help.

Central IT will do immediate remediation in respond to an urgent accommodation request, and then bill the department back on the captioning cost incurred. Sticker shock usually ensues.

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> As I’m sure some of you have experienced, we are getting a lot of panic around the cost associated with the requirement to caption video content for courses that are delivered fully online and hybrid courses. We would like to hear how your institution is handling this.


> 1. Are captioning costs paid through your institutions central budget or paid by the various school or department budgets for those faculty who are creating the videos?

> 2. How did you implement captioning? Are you using phased compliance timeframes so for example, the courses with the highest enrollment are required to be captioned first, lower enrollments later; specifying a start date for all current course content to be captioned; or other?


> Thank you.


> Sharon


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