[Athen] installing AT on Surface Pro 3

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Hi all ATHENites,

Before loading software onto students’ (or anyone’s) computer, I would recommend checking on the specs page from the software vendor site and ensuring the OS or computer brand is supported. There are often disclaimers on these tech sites about what is supported and what minimum system requirements are needed for loading & operating.

You may have trouble getting tech support from Nuance directly (just a warning!). Here is their tech support & customer service contact info:

technical support phone number is 407-241-1822

customer service phone number is 800-654-1187

If you still have difficulties finding support, post again or contact me off list. I have a couple of Nuance off-shoot groups I have worked with and used in the past which may be of some help. Let me know & I’ll follow up with their contact info.

Keep us posted!

Wink Harner

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Funny, I just tried to load Dragon Naturally Speaking v. 13 onto a student's Surface Pro 3 yesterday and ran into the same problem. We received an error message and were not able to load it. I am in the process of contacting Nuance today. There is very little information on their website, or at least that I could find.


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Hi Robert,

I’ve tried installing Claro Read onto a student’s Surface Pro and unfortunately it was not able to load. Claro Software later informed me that their apps aren’t built to support Surface Pros or similar products at this time.

All the best,

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Hi all,

Have any of you tried installing assistive tech such as Read&Write on a Surface Pro 3? If so, what technologies did you use and how did that go?


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