[Athen] installing AT on Surface Pro 3

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Fri May 8 08:26:50 PDT 2015

That is funny. I am using Dragon NaturallySpeaking premium version 13 to dictate this reply on my Surface Pro 3 that has an I7, 8 GB of RAM, 256 hard drive.

I have installed Kurzweil version 13, Dragon, inspiration version 9, word Q, speak Q, text aloud, and as you'll see from the attached screen shot (assuming the listserv allowed it through) many others, both traditional software and Windows 8 apps.

I do find that Dragon has difficulties dictating into most Windows 8 apps although traditional software still seems to work no problems. For instance I am dictating this into Notepad as Dragon is not cooperating with the built-in Windows mail app in Windows 8.

Some features in software seemed to interact unpredictably using some of the touch gestures but otherwise all software that I tried functions as intended for the basic features.

Currently I do not have JAWS or Zoom text installed although I did download trial versions when I first had the surface Pro three and I do recall that you needed the most up-to-date versions in order to work with touch screen and Windows 8. That was confirmed by their technical support people. With the correct versions, they both seemed to work … again, the basic features.

I too have had difficulties installing Dragon and Kurzweil on Windows 8 computers for students I work with in a university setting. Normally the problem rests with the install media, antivirus, or corrupt user accounts. That is unless you're using an incompatible version of the software... As previously mentioned you always need to check the system requirements. A lot of the time a downloaded install file works well. I have been able to convince both Dragon and Kurzweil Tech support to provide me links in the past for downloaded versions of the installation files.

One other thing I've noticed is since the surface does not have a built-in CD drive, you use an external USB drive if the software is on CD/DVD. Since the USB port on the surface has slightly less power output compared to a traditional laptop or desktop, the external CD drive sometimes does not spin at a fast enough speed for the computer to read the install files. What I have done is try a different CD DVD drive as well as if the CD/DVD drive has a Y adapter then you can obtain additional power from the USB port on the power brick of the surface charger. Once spinning fast enough it corrected almost all of the installation failures.

I have also tested the software programs mentioned above on an I5 processor with the same specs otherwise, and had no problems.

By the way, Dragon 13 using the built-in microphone on the surface Pro 3 is fantastic. The Surface itself is the best computer I have ever had in my 30+ years of PC loyalty!

If anyone wishes to discuss this further I will do my best to help via email off list.

Take care,

Doug Mantle

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Hi all,

This issue’s seem strange to me. I own a Surface Pro 3. It is a fully functional laptop with windows 8.1 Pro, 4 GB of memory, and a Core i3 processor (i3-4020Y).

The DNS issue may be due to the audio card or the onboard graphics card (Intel HD Graphics 4200/4400). I’m not sure What “apps aren’t built to support Surface Pros” is supposed to mean. Are their apps not meant to be installed on laptops or desktops with low grade specs?



Joe Humbert
Principal Accessibility Analyst

Assistive Technology and Accessibility Centers

Indiana University

University Information Technology Services

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Indianapolis, IN 46202


johumber at iu.edu


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Funny, I just tried to load Dragon Naturally Speaking v. 13 onto a student's Surface Pro 3 yesterday and ran into the same problem. We received an error message and were not able to load it. I am in the process of contacting Nuance today. There is very little information on their website, or at least that I could find.


Liza Eldred

Assistive Technology Specialist
Assistive Computer Technology Service

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Hi Robert,

I’ve tried installing Claro Read onto a student’s Surface Pro and unfortunately it was not able to load. Claro Software later informed me that their apps aren’t built to support Surface Pros or similar products at this time.

All the best,

Christopher J. Cuevas

Assistive Technology Specialist
Office for Students with Disabilities | Valencia College
Office: East Campus 5-216

Phone: 407-582-2530

All People. All Voices. All Matter.

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Subject: [Athen] installing AT on Surface Pro 3

Hi all,

Have any of you tried installing assistive tech such as Read&Write on a Surface Pro 3? If so, what technologies did you use and how did that go?


Robert Lee Beach

Assistive Technology Specialist

Kansas City Kansas Community College

7250 State Avenue

Kansas City, KS 66112


rbeach at kckcc.edu
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