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It’s possible, although there are already ARIA tags in the app, some of which appear to be helping and others that seem to be doing nothing or making it worse. All of the H3s are coded in a similar manner (because they all serve a similar function in the same region of the app) but they are behaving differently for different tools. I’m also trying to avoid injecting more ARIA into the app at this point since the developer (who knew next to nothing about accessibility before we started talking) has been dumping ARIA into the code all over the place trying to make it better, and creating problems in some areas where there were none before as a result. He means well but sorting out his code is a bit challenging…

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Perhaps these need element tags - ARIA tags


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I’ve had a strange situation arise with a new web app that my institution is attempting to develop. We are still in the beta stage so the site isn’t public, but we’ve noticed that even though the developer has included appropriate H tags for structure, they aren’t all being perceived by either AT or various A11y checking tools. When I have JAWS present me with a list of headers on the page, I get one lonely H5 tag. When I have WAVE check the outline, I am told I have one H1, a small handful of H3s, and one H4. In the code for the page from the user agent perspective we can see one H1, a couple of H2s, a LOT of H3s, and a couple each of H4 and H5 – which is what the developer used in the design. We are using JAWS 14 and 15 for testing, IE11 with JAWS, and Firefox 36 with WAVE. The app is not using HTML5, although it is using some Angular. Does anyone have any ideas for why our AT and tools aren’t perceiving the H tags that we are seeing in the code?

Thanks for any troubleshooting suggestions you might have,

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