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Thanks, Jennifer. I'm about to approach the development team about their decision to adopt Angular (it's relatively recent) and this will help strengthen my arguments.

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Here are some links related to Angular and accessibility, in case they'll be helpful to the developer, as well as others who may encounter Angular.

Of course, other issues, beyond headings, will be discussed -- note, particularly, the discussions of how to use ARIA, particularly in this framework.

I had these handy via another project; I've been tracking this framework, along with several others, for some time.

Hope this information proves helpful.


angularjs Developer Guide Accessibility

AngularJS Accessibility by Marcy Sutton at ng-europe 2014 - YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmYDggEgU-s

Angular Accessibility

AngularJS Material Design MarcySutton.com http://marcysutton.com/angularjs-material-design/

Making your Angular.js Application accessible http://www.slideshare.net/ginader/angularjs-accessibilty

Single page applications, Angular.js and accessibility > Simply Accessible:

A set of tagged posts where a dev. from Deque goes through fixing issues in an Angular application:

Using ngAria AngularJS

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