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Ron Stewart ronrstewart at gmail.com
Thu May 14 11:55:20 PDT 2015

Total coolness!

Wolfram Language Artificial Intelligence: The Image Identification Project

May 13, 2015

"What is this a picture of?" Humans can usually answer such questions
instantly, but in the past it's always seemed out of reach for computers to
do this. For nearly 40 years I've been sure computers would eventually get
there-but I've wondered when.

I've built systems that give computers all sorts of intelligence, much of it
far beyond the human level. And for a long time we've been integrating all
that intelligence into the Wolfram Language
<http://www.wolfram.com/language/> .

Now I'm excited to be able to say that we've reached a milestone: there's
finally a function called
<http://reference.wolfram.com/language/ref/ImageIdentify.html> ImageIdentify
built into the Wolfram Language that lets you ask, "What is this a picture
of?"-and get an answer.

And today we're launching the Wolfram Language Image Identification Project
<https://www.imageidentify.com/> on the web to let anyone easily take any
picture (drag it from a web page, snap it on your phone, or load it from a
file) and see what
<http://reference.wolfram.com/language/ref/ImageIdentify.html> ImageIdentify
thinks it is.

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