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I think we should stay with the word "accessibility", especially for
those of us who are in the business of evangelizing and advocating as
we try to change mindset and culture. "
the word accessibility" means something while "a11y" means nothing.

If all we do is trying and speak about WCAG, ADA and alike without
doing or saying things that will ultimately help people change their
behavior and attitude towards persons with disabilities then we will
have accomplish nothing.



On 10/17/15, Howard Kramer <hkramer at ahead.org> wrote:

> Please excuse the cross-posts.


> I recently ran the Juicy Studios Contrast Analyzer and found 1 color

> contrast issue for the AHG home page <http://accessinghigherground.org/>

> (this seems to be a case of a css color setting that does not actually

> appear on the page) but a number of color difference issues. The latter is

> not specified in WCAG 2.0 as far as I can tell. Is color difference an a11y

> issue? Or should the focus be luminosity ration (“color contrast”)?


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