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Jiatyan Chen jiatyan at stanford.edu
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Liz, I used Cascade, as a content editor (vs developer), in another institution.

Decent on accessibility -- it has the major features to output an accessible site. Most of the work is on the web developers to provide accessible themes, not the tool itself. It will check for simple accessibility-related issues, such as images having no alt text, but that feature isn't just-in-time, but rather, was in a separate tab under 2~3 levels of clicks, and your content editor will have to work hard to find it.

Usability on authoring end is poor for content editors. It ranks only slightly-better than SharePoint or SAP usability in my books. A lot of clicking and secondary-clicking to get to functions (IF you know them), no obvious feedback when making changes, cryptic & delayed error messages, ... .

Jiatyan Chen
Online Accessibility Program Manager
Stanford University

On 2015 Oct 19, at 10:05, Prickett, Elizabeth <Elizabeth.Prickett at victoriacollege.edu<mailto:Elizabeth.Prickett at victoriacollege.edu>> wrote:

Good afternoon!

Our college is in the midst of choosing a new CMS for our website. They’ve narrowed the field down to three options:
• Cascade Server (Hannon Hill)
• OUCampus (OmniUpdate)
• TerminalFour
I went through some demos with our webmaster for each of these about a year ago, and I have some older VPATs. Our webmaster is in the process of collecting updated VPATs and/or WCAG 2.0 reporting for each.

Does anyone have personal experience (positive or negative – accessibility, as well as general usability) with any of these CMS options? Any feedback is much appreciated.

Thanks so much and have a fantastic week!

Liz Prickett
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Center for Academic & Professional Excellence (CAPE)
Victoria College
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Elizabeth.Prickett at VictoriaCollege.edu<mailto:Elizabeth.Prickett at VictoriaCollege.edu>
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