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Kathleen et al ATHENites,

Here is a link for the USER GUIDE for Dragon Dictate for Mac 4.0:
ragon_Dictate_4_User_Manual.pdf. Take a look at the info on COMMANDS, and
WHAT TO SAY in order to get the correct command to use. If your student has
difficulty getting the program to recognize his pronunciation of the
command, you can use the same info (below) to train the program to recognize
his pronunciation of the word(s).

For correcting & training new or misrecognized vocabulary:

- If the command "SELECT" doesn't select the word, use the commands
to place the cursor before the word you want to train ("GO BACK 4 WORDS;
SELECT NEXT WORD"), then say "TRAIN." When the TRAIN window pops up, make
sure the word is spelled correctly and either say or click TRAIN. The
program will ask the word be spoken 3 times so that the recognition takes
place. Then click OK. If the TRAIN window doesn't pop up, words can be added
manually by going to the TOOL menu and choose Train from the tool (gear)
menu at the bottom of the window.

o Dragon Dictate presents a sequence of training dialogs:

1. A dialog explaining that you are about to pronounce the item three times
(click Train to proceed).

2. A dialog where you pronounce the item three times, watching for feedback
in the dialog so you know Dragon Dictate has heard you.

3. A dialog where you are informed that the training process is over.

Click OK or DONE when finished with the training dialog.

Sometimes it's a matter of creating or adding new vocabulary. Here are some
quick steps for that, too.

- To create a new user vocabulary item:

- Click the "+" button on the TOOL gear. Type the word, as written, in the
dialog box. Click TRAIN and pronounce the word 3 times. You can also add a
description of how the word is spoken (for example, writing the
pronunciation out by syllables with emphasis on specific syllables such as
"oh-HI-oh"), or to train the word's pronunciation by speaking, click
Advanced to reveal the rest of the dialog.

Hope this does the trick. Let me know if you need more assistance. Sometimes
the Dragon can misbehave and drive us crazy!

Wink Harner

Adaptive Technology Consulting & Training

Alternative Media & Text Conversions

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This email was dictated with Dragon Naturally Speaking. Please forgive any
omissions, errata or anomalies.

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Hello colleagues,

Are there any people familiar with Dragon Dictate for Mac version 4? I am
assisting a student who has some speech irregularities who is having trouble
getting the program to recognize words. There is supposed to be a way to
train words whereby the user says "Train the word 'word name' " but we
cannot seem to get it respond. If anyone has some suggestions about how to
get this to work, it would be much appreciated.



Kathleen Cahill

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