[Athen] ABBYY Finereader 12 Default Settings Gobbling Disk Space?

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Thu Sep 10 23:10:25 PDT 2015

It really depends on the size of the book and the complexity of its content.
17GB is really not all that much. I have worked recently with some books
that ended up being a MB per page, because of their graphic density and use
of a lot of color.

So some questions?

Are you using Abbyy to drive your scanner, never a good idea. Best to use
the native scanner software and setup your settings there.

Is the DPI resolution setting at 300 for standard text and 600 for STEM
content. I actually do all my scanning at 600 DPI to TIFF format. You can
also output to PDF, not something that I would recommend in most instances.
Generally I do the first pass to TIFF but also generate a PDF version as

What is the image resolution set for, it should be the same as the text

I turn all compression off and do not recommend you use it, it creates a
variety of problem.

I actually scan all images as "best" because memory is so cheap and I do not
want to go back and scan the book because the image quality was set too low.

It may have a lot to do with what you are scanning and its complexity more
than anything else. Every new addition of ABBYY has created larger files
because the algorithms used are collecting more and more data. 17GB is
really not that big a file. I regularly see files of this size and larger.
Memory is cheap, perhaps it is time to upgrade you storage devices.

Ron Stewart

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Al et al ATHEN-ites,

Try using the compress file and flatten images settings and see if this
helps reduce the file size. I seem to recall that a previous version of
ABBYY FR had this same problem with gigantic/unmanageable file sizes.
Someone else on the list may recall what tricks were used for the earlier
version of AFR that did this same behavior.


Wink Harner

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Just wondering whether others have run into this. We recently upgraded from
ABBYY 9.0 to ABBYY 12. This is our first semester with version 12, and we
are seeing that disk space is being consumed at an alarming rate. For
example, the folder containing the entire output of our book production for
Spring semester is 5GB. One book from this semester, produced with ABBYY 12
is taking up 17 GB. Have ABBYY's default behaviors and settings changed
markedly enough to cause this? What settings for resolution, color depth,
etc, are generally preferred when doing eText production?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts,

Al Puzzuoli

Information Technologist

Michigan State University,

Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities, 120 Bessey Hall East
Lansing, MI 48824-1033




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