[Athen] Salt Money / ASA Website Accessibility

Maria Bohn mbohn at bergen.edu
Fri Sep 18 06:51:31 PDT 2015

Our school is considering working with American Student Assistance (ASA) www.asa.org and offering our students access to SALT (https://www.saltmoney.org/index.html) – which is a program for helping student borrowers manage student loans (in short). We had some concerns about the accessibility and the organization sent us their Voluntary Products Accessibility Template (VPAT) but my supervisor is hoping we can find some people who have actual user experience with this program in regards to their accessibility – so my question – anyone here use this or look into it for use and what barriers if any have you faced?

Maria Bohn
Senior Resource Accommodation Specialist
Assistive Technology
Office of Specialized Services
Bergen Community College

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