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Schafer, Carmen schafercg at missouri.edu
Fri Sep 18 05:32:30 PDT 2015

Dear Colleagues:
I am looking for some information about the accessibility of some resources for a student who is blind. Specifically, we are looking for information on Wolfram Alpha search engine (http://www.wolframalpha.com) and Factivia (http://new.dowjones.com/products/factiva).

The student will need to use the above sites regularly for coursework. The student formerly used VoiceOver on Mac, but is now using JAWS.

We are currently working on some internal testing and investigation, but we were hoping to get some outside assessment as well.

If anyone can speak to their knowledge or experience with either of these resources in regard to any/all of the following areas, we would greatly appreciate it:

* Known issues

* Workarounds for known issues

* Responsiveness of the site to accessibility issues (Does the site have an accessibility team? What is the best way to report an accessibility issue?)

* Information directly relevant to using the sites with JAWS (or VoiceOver)

* Anecdotal reports of accessibility problems/workarounds from colleagues or students.

Any information or direction you can provide is greatly appreciated, and you are welcome to contact me offline if you prefer.

Thank you,

Carmen Schafer
User Support Analyst, ACT Center
Division of IT, University of Missouri

Office (573) 882-8838
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