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Maria Bohn mbohn at bergen.edu
Fri Sep 18 12:32:39 PDT 2015

Dear Julie - the semester started and we became SWAMPED. The student - her
name is Saira would love to speak with you if possible. She does not have
the Dancing Dots software but it would be helpful for her to talk to
someone in a similar field and maybe ³pick your brain² if possible. Thank
you again for any help. I am looking into the dancing dots but Im unsure
if she can use that with this class or if our budget would even allow us
to purchase it if her Professor feels she can use that as an alternate.

Maria Bohn
Senior Resource Accommodation Specialist
Assistive Technology
Office of Specialized Services
Bergen Community College

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>Hi Maria,


>Dancing Dots is an excellent resource. If your student uses Jaws, she

>will be able to compose, mix, and print the music she works on. You or

>the student could also check out www.menvi.org. They are a music

>education network for blind people, complete with newsletters and an

>email list. Your student could connect with others who have taken music

>classes at a university.


>I would suggest recording the pieces she needs to play in the piano

>class. The professor or maybe a work study music student would record

>them and announce the fingerings and any other important musical



>I am a graduate student, finishing up a masters degree in vocal

>performance. I am blind and have taken piano, music theory, etc, and I

>have used Dancing Dots software. If you or this student wish to contact

>me off list, you are welcome to do so.


>-Julie A McGinnity

>University of Missouri

>Student Assistant, Adaptive Computing Technology Center



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>Good afternoon - are there any technology or other resources anyone can

>suggest for a blind student taking a piano class? The student does not

>read braille. We are looking for workarounds in how she might be able to

>read music or any apps or other types of suggestions. This is our first

>time with a student taking piano - she is also taking a music production

>class which requires the use of equipment so if anyone has experience

>with this any and all tips, ideas etc appreciated.



>Maria Bohn

>Senior Resource Accommodation Specialist Assistive Technology Office of

>Specialized Services Bergen Community College


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