[Athen] Moodle and Jaws - tip sheets?

Maria Bohn mbohn at bergen.edu
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Thank you Aaron I have sent you an email I appreciate all the help I
receive here on things I am not familiar with yet.

Maria Bohn
Senior Resource Accommodation Specialist
Assistive Technology
Office of Specialized Services
Bergen Community College

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>Hi Maria,


>I am a JAWS user and have worked quite a bit with Moodle here at the

>University of Montana. I am unaware of any Moodle & JAWS Tip Sheets, but

>here are a few tips/recommendations I can provide for using Moodle with



>1. Use Internet Explorer - Firefox works too but IE has a few advantages

>when using JAWS. Most JAWS users are more familiar with IE as well.

>2. Make sure you are running JAWS 16 with the latest software updates. -

>JAWS 16 introduced support for reading math content displayed in Moodle

>(and created using Moodle's equation editor) when using Internet

>Explorer. To check simply open JAWS (Insert+J) and navigate to Help >

>Check for Updates.

>3. Make sure the Convenient OCR Add-in for JAWS has been installed.

>Convenient OCR is a useful feature for dealing with scanned, image-only

>PDFs since it allows JAWS itself to OCR and read the scanned document. To

>use Convenient OCR simply open the file you would like to scan and press

>Insert+Spacebar, then the letter O. JAWS will announce "OCR" at which

>time you can press S (scans single page) or D (scans entire document).

>If Convenient OCR is not installed JAWS will announce an error. As with

>all OCR tools, the result quality will vary depending on the quality of

>the source file.

>4. Make sure Atto is selected as the student's text editor. It is

>possible to use TinyMCE with JAWS, but I found it so difficult/awkward

>that I used the "Plain Text Area" option until Atto was released. To

>switch editors open the students profile (login to Moodle and click their

>name), click "Edit Profile", then "Expand All", and in the "Text Editor"

>drop-down select "Atto HTML Editor". (Note: Depending on your version of

>Moodle you might not have Atto) 5. Enable Audio Notifications for

>Pop-ups. From the "Edit Profile" page click on "Messaging" in the

>administrative block. Check the box for "beep when pop-up notification is

>displayed" then click the "Update Profile" button.

>6. If your institution doesn't have it already, get the Advanced Forums

>Moodle plugin installed into your instance of Moodle. its free and is far

>more accessible than standard Moodle forums. -


>7. Navigating Moodle is going to vary a bit depending on the way the

>course has been setup. Some Moodle themes provide more structure than

>others, and most instructors do not add additional structure beyond

>Moodle's defaults. Try to use headings ("H" or "Insert+F6) to help

>navigate around the course, but for courses or pages that may have no

>structure in the content area there will always be a "Main" region

>surrounding it. Use the "R" shortcut key to navigate by region, moving

>focus to the "Main Region" will always put you at the start of the

>content area - a good place to begin a say-all from or to begin arrowing

>down to read the content.


>I also disabled the Acrobat Reader plug-in in my browser, because I have

>found it to be easier to work with PDFs in the stand-alone Acrobat Reader

>application compared to the Acrobat plugin. This makes it so the browser

>will prompt to open/save the file rather than viewing it in the browser.


>Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



>Aaron M. Page

>Student Accessibility Specialist

>UMOnline - University of Montana

>Aaron.page at mso.umt.edu


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>Does anyone have any RECENT information of the accessibility of Moodle

>and JAWS? Most of the students I work with who have one from of vision

>loss or blindness say they cannot access content especially file

>downloads so I tend to download them for them and reformat any PDF's to

>Word. One student in particular wants to be able to use JAWS

>independently with Moodle but we keep hitting roadblocks (and to top it

>off Im deaf so Im not finding an easy way to self teach what I do not

>know yet) Tip sheets would be fantastic but the only thing I have found

>was app specific short cuts for Explorer or Firefox etc.


>Any and all suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


>Maria Bohn

>Senior Resource Accommodation Specialist Assistive Technology Office of

>Specialized Services Bergen Community College


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