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One key thing about their advertising: they charge $8.50 per page for

Having a firm that performs remediation, I wonder: what exactly are they
defining as a page? Is that just text? Any tables? Graphics that need
Alt-text? What about hyperlinks and cross-references? Complex piecemeal
pages from InDesign layouts?

Would love to know more!

-Bevi Chagnon

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Please forgive cross-postings:

Does anyone have experience with 247AccessibleDocuments.com?
(https://247accessibledocuments.com/Aboutus.aspx) They are claiming the
ability to take PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations and return
accessible versions to the client. I know that of course that is quite
possible, but has anyone worked directly with them and have any comments to

Thanks in advance,

Teresa Haven, Ph.D.

Accessibility Analyst, Northern Arizona University

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