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In order to get the best results for accessibility in a PDF document you MUST add the form controls to an untagged document. You can use the tool in Acrobat to create links from URL’s BEFORE you Tag the document but the web addresses have to include the http://www... Or use the Link Tool to create a contextual link from text in the document BEFORE you Tag the document.

Coming from Word, this is the only time you use the Print > Adobe PDF instead of the Save As PDF ability.

Cheers, Karen

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This may not be the most helpful suggestion, but my thought is to see if you can use an alternative to PDF. I like Frevvo Live Forms because they're screen reader accessible (at least in my testing) and you can set them up to fill out the fields in PDFs like government documents and such. Not sure if the exported PDFs retain a tagging structure, though.

Regarding the skip links, if you need to use a PDF, my thought would be to see if you can add a piece of text in Acrobat Pro and hyperlink it to a bookmarked section elsewhere in the page. You might have your best luck making the non-form portion in Word (adding the hyperlink in Word first), and then manually adding the form fields in Acrobat later.

I'm not sure if that makes sense...?

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Anyone know if you can create "skip logic" in a pdf form using Adobe Acrobat Pro. I saw some references online for doing this via Adobe LifeCycle but as I understand it Lifecycle is no longer around. I see nothing in Adobe help online about this option for Acrobat DC. Ug.



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