[Athen] Accessible Digital Annotation/Commenting Options?

Mary J Ziegler maryz at mit.edu
Tue Aug 16 10:25:50 PDT 2016

Dear Colleagues,

I’m scoping out accessible options for document-based comments/annotations.

Do any of you have recommendatinos on a workflow for students to submit written documents, have graders comment on them inline with the original submission and return the digital papers to the students such that they can read the comments and know what they pertain to in their papers?

Ideally, I’d like to find a format to suggest that is not tool-dependent as the student base has a plethora of technical differences and constraints. Does that leave me with text-only? Is there another option? I think engineering a web-based tool to do all this is possible, if resource-intensive, but is there a document-based format beyond plain text that would work? I’m very appreciative of this course team’s willingness to use what works for the students so want to get them the best advice. Ideas?

Even if you can’t advise on this, it would also be helpful to know if your LMS has a tool for this? I’ve seen LMS tools that allow comments within a matrix, but do any allow commenting inline with the original work?


Mary J. Ziegler
Program Manager for Online Accessibility
MIT Office of Digital Learning
NE49-2nd Floor
maryz at mit.edu
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