[Athen] Math on a Mac -- updates? Is Office 2016 an option?

PATRICK BURKE burke at ucla.edu
Tue Aug 23 20:43:29 PDT 2016


> Hi Julia,

> Overall, Windows is the way to go, as Pete has outlined.

> One detail on the Mac side: Punctuation output (such as parens & brackets)

> is an adjustment in VoiceOver:

> In VoiceOver Utility, go to Verbosity > Speech tab. Choose Additional

> Verbosity, then the Some Punctuation button (switch this to Most

> Punctuation). Yes that's a lot of steps, but it should get parens &

> brackets to be announced.

> Taken from:


> https://peeltheapple.wordpress.com/2014/12/19/acting-the-voiceover-utility-and-changing-settings/

> Patrick


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