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When we tested it, the tool made heavy use of inaccessible canvas objects, had labelling and focus management problems, didn’t notify screen reader users when page content changed due to user action leading to confusion as to actions being taken, had inaccessible note-taking and highlighting features (both screen reader and keyboard issues), had poor heading structure, had automatically playing audio/video content, made use of flash applet text in some places (limiting that to windows users using JAWS), etc.
Things may have changed since then, though.

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Hi Joseph and Peter,
We've tested MindTap a couple times, and the screen reader users who tested it and I thought it was very accessible. There were some limitations depending on the textbook though (such as our experience with a symbolic logic text where all of the symbols were images without alt text), and embedded quizzes don't seem to be accessible. But the ebook reader itself, our screen reader testers (2 - one with JAWS a few years ago and one testing with NVDA just yesterday) thought was great.
The flashcard study tool also is accessible to NVDA.
The video player wasn't accessible to our testers, and we didn't do a deep dive into bookmarking or all the tools offered. But overall we felt like the reader and the flashcards were great.
Peter, what did you find that wasn't accessible? Color contrast was poor. And the embedded quizzes only show the correct answer with color, so that stinks. I didn't do a keyboard only test yet.
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