[Athen] Responsibility of departments linking to faculty person sites

Joshua Hori jhori at ucdavis.edu
Fri Dec 2 16:24:13 PST 2016

If it's linked to the course, then it has to be accessible. A professor's personal pages shouldn't be linked if they aren't making them accessible, especially since some of them like to be funny and slip some of their personal content into an exam as extra credit.

For instance: Professor creates personal contact page, but he hires his neighbors best friend's cousin's recently graduated son who's pretty good in web design, but really just creates all buttons as images cause he can make flashy interactive buttons as shown in high school. He places all content in an image to prevent bots from extracting his contact details and sending spam, but also places details about office hours and offline contact details, all behind an image.

If you give any leeway on this, professors will use third party web vendors to get out of providing accessible content.


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I'd think it depends on the content and context of the faculty site. If it is a math professor's personal page, where the page is not under the edu domain, detailing his love of opera or hobbies, then I probably wouldn't worry about it. However if it contains course related material or information students need to acquire for a course, the student must receive the same benefits or service as other students.


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Hello All:

Does anyone know what the responsibility of academic departments are when linking to faculty personal sites, which may not be accessible. What is considered the best practice and is it the department's responsibility for ensuring external resources are accessible?


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