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Sean wrote:

“I can't say I would turn to PDF - I agree with Bevi that the file format has much going for it, but the issues I experienced with students had more to do with integration between the screen-reader and the Adobe Reader/Acrobat software that made reading PDF documents problematic, particularly for larger documents.”

We produce extremely large PDF documents for academia and government every day. When made correctly, your students shouldn’t be having these problems.

Is there a chance you can send me a sample PDF that didn’t work well enough for your students? I’d like to investigate what is failing so that either 1) I can give you suggestions on how to correct the PDF, or 2) give feedback to Adobe, Microsoft, and the screen reader manufacturers on what’s failing so that it can be fixed.

Our team members work closely with all the key stakeholders so that we can eventually have a seamless, easy method of making accessible documents from the source Word, PowerPoint, and InDesign files to the exported PDFs. We’re getting there, slowly but surely!

And yes, you should start seeing incremental improvements everywhere, software by software, feature by feature over the next year or so.

To email a sample to me, send it to Bevi at PubCom.com <mailto:Bevi at PubCom.com> If it’s too large for email, contact me and I’ll set you up with a secure FTP upload page.

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