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David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Mon Dec 12 17:42:07 PST 2016

Most people probably already know this, but when
using PDF's with a screen reader, it is best to
use the stand-alone Adobe Acrobat Reader, not one
of the browser plug-in versions. The stand-alone
seems to be more reliable and stable when used with a screen reader.


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>Sean wrote:

>“I can't say I would turn to PDF - I agree

>with Bevi that the file format has much going

>for it, but the issues I experienced with

>students had more to do with integration between

>the screen-reader and the Adobe Reader/Acrobat

>software that made reading PDF documents

>problematic, particularly for larger documents.”


>We produce extremely large PDF documents for

>academia and government every day. When made

>correctly, your students shouldn’t be having these problems.


>Is there a chance you can send me a sample PDF

>that didn’t work well enough for your

>students? I’d like to investigate what is

>failing so that either 1) I can give you

>suggestions on how to correct the PDF, or 2)

>give feedback to Adobe, Microsoft, and the

>screen reader manufacturers on what’s failing so that it can be fixed.


>Our team members work closely with all the key

>stakeholders so that we can eventually have a

>seamless, easy method of making accessible

>documents from the source Word, PowerPoint, and

>InDesign files to the exported PDFs. We’re getting there, slowly but surely!


>And yes, you should start seeing incremental

>improvements everywhere, software by software,

>feature by feature over the next year or so.


>To email a sample to me, send it to

><mailto:Bevi at PubCom.com>Bevi at PubCom.com   If

>it’s too large for email, contact me and

>I’ll set you up with a secure FTP upload page.

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