[Athen] are any campuses avoiding Windows 10 because of accessibility issues?

Teresa Haven Teresa.Haven at nau.edu
Fri Feb 5 06:28:59 PST 2016

As a campus we aren't upgrading yet, but that has as much to do with the fact that we are "conservative" in our approach to rolling out new software and OS versions as much as anything -- the administration wants to make certain that we have stable systems for our students and employees to use, and that includes AT (since we distribute AT across all our student images). I tested an early version of Windows 10 on my AT test box and at that time it forced me to uninstall all my AT and then wouldn't let me reinstall any of it because it claimed it was all incompatible with the OS. That being said, I'm hearing from others that later versions play more nicely with at least the most recent releases of major AT. If, however, you have even slightly older versions and don't have the funds or other capacity to purchase the latest versions, I think you could still be out of luck. (At the time I tested, every version of AT I had installed on my test box was either 1 version back or the most recent release; JAWS was 1 version back.) When I ran into compatibility problems with that earlier version of Win10 I simply wiped the machine and reinstalled the previous OS image rather than continuing to work with it, and I haven't had a chance to try again with a later release yet.

Hope this helps,

Teresa Haven, Ph.D.

Accessibility Analyst, Northern Arizona University

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Hello All:

Except for this article by the NFB - https://nfb.org/blog/vonb-blog/installers-beware-microsoft-drops-ball-accessibility-windows-10 -
I haven't seen much on accessibility problems of Windows 10. Has any campus decided that it poses obstacles to accessibility, enough to avoid the upgrade to campus machines?

Thanks in advance,

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