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Has the student tried head pointing devices combined with an on-screen keyboard? As Teresa mentioned, word prediction software would be great. He could use the head pointing device to point at letters on an on-screen keyboard combined with word prediction to write his essays. We’ve tried the Smart Nav, but mostly for people who found mousing painful. I know there are other head mouse options out there.


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Good Afternoon everyone,

I have a student who is coming to college for his first semester. He has been out of school for 2 years. This student has Cerebral Palsy, is unable to speak and has limited muscle control in his arms and hands. He uses a Samsung tablet that has a PECS board on it to communicate. The PECS board is limited. Right now the biggest obstacle is testing. He does very well with multiple choice and true and false. However, the PECS board is not enough for him to communicate to the scribe answers for anything that must be written out for essays and short answers. I have tried iPads and computers so that he could type but because he has limited muscle control in his hands, it is difficult for him to type with any accuracy.

Our school is VERY resistant to test modifications. I am looking for ideas. This is a new case for me and I’m not totally sure on how to proceed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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