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Hi Karen,
I'm on one of my Macs here, running El Capitaine.

I have a couple of photos in the "photo" app/folder that I put into an album - because I like puzzles too! What I found is that if I go to the "Albums" tab (or even just the photos) tab and select, then go to "File | Export" I have the choice to move to my Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. folder in my Finder. The photo(s) or album(s) remain in "Photo" but also copy(?) to the folder I targeted. I went to my Windows box and looked in the Dropbox folder there and found my transferred album and photo, then went online and checked my google drive and found same.

See if that works for you?


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This is a question for Mac users.

I have an album created in Photo, the iPhoto replacement.

I can't seem to copy it to any storage device or Dropbox. I have 1 storage device wired to my MacBook Pro, one connected wirelessly and my Dropbox.

It looks like it may only allow integration with iCloud, but I don't want to do that. I can't find any answers on the Internet or Apple support.

I know about the bug where you can't easily see the download progress unless YIU know where to look and can confirm that I can't copy the album anywhere.


Cheers, Karen

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