[Athen] Assistive technology/possible accommodation for Tourette Syndrome

Nazely Kurkjian kurkjian at binghamton.edu
Wed Feb 17 06:49:45 PST 2016

Good morning,

A student worker in the library self-identified to their supervisor as
having Tourette Syndrome. This came up because there was a patron complaint
about a student who was slamming a keyboard mouse to the desk every few
minutes. The supervisor, before she knew about this student's disability,
emailed her student staff asking if anyone knew about whether or not any
keyboard mice were having issues. This student then told her it was him and
explained why. He says he slams the mouse against the desk, not because
it's not working, but he says he has no way of stopping it. It wasn't like
this all semester, but it's more uncontrollable now. He's broken a mouse
already, and she's concerned he'll break more/distract patrons in a library
setting, but adds he's an amazing worker and she wants to find a possible
solution to the slamming mice situation. She will ask if he's interested in
doing other work in the library stacks, and not at the circulation desk,
for now. He seems embarrassed by it and doesn't want the other student
workers to know. I don't know if he's registered with our office..and I
don't know if he has this slamming situation with other items he's holding
in his hand. I wonder if using a laptop would be an appropriate solution. I
really don't think I have enough details, but am curious at what possible
solutions exist. I did see this head tracker software

Thank you in advance for you wisdom ~


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