[Athen] web-based mail option that's accessible?

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I use the web interface of gmail and it isn’t too bad if you set it to use basic HTML. The link or button for this is at the very top of the page when you first load gmail. My understanding is this link is not visible to the sighted, only to a screen reader.

Of course, setting up a gmail account is a problem without sight too. <grin>

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I just spent a mostly-fruitless two hours with a visually impaired student trying to get him into the web client for his hotmail.com<http://hotmail.com> address. Typically he reads his mail on his iPhone, but that's not an option for working with the class handouts he's been receiving from instructors.

It is a truly awful interface, one of the worst I've seen in a while. Microsoft has not only dropped the ball, they have stomped it flat and kicked it into the sewer.

Combined with the fact the student is just learning Windows and JAWS, he is very much stuck.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a decent web-based email solution?

Yes, I'm working with the department to get this content posted accessibly on an LMS or web page, but it would be nice to have a more rapid solution.

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